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Hi, I am Marie! I had been a professional career nanny for two decades, and had seen families struggle with balancing family time and household duties which led me to start Elevated Lifestyle, (formerly known as MDH Home Services), so that I could help alleviate the burden.  I had felt saddened to see parents return home from a long day at the office only to need to immediately get food on the table, laundry in the washer, or other chores, when I had had the joy of spending quality time with their children all day. It didn't feel fair, somehow, and I intended to help them get that time back. 


At Elevated Lifestyle, that is just what we do. We began in January of 2017 in the Greater Philadelphia region, helping people from all over, from Center City to Malvern to Horsham. We realized as we grew that it wasn't just families that were struggling to keep up, but busy professionals and those entering their golden years as well. Having an extra pair of helping hands allows us to live our ideal lifestyle. A life that is less stressed and more filled with connection and self-care.  

It gives us so much joy to see busy individuals spending more time either with their families or their friends, or on self-care and their own hobbies or even taking that newfound time to expand in their careers or grow their businesses! 

Elevated has grown into a full team of passionate, caring individuals from professional chefs to experienced organizers . Together, we strive to eliminate the extra stress so your relationships can be strengthened, you can enjoy a relaxed happy household, and achieve your ideal lifestyle. 

Who we are and how it all got started

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