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  • How much time can I expect to get back?
    Did you realize that the average American family dedicates a whopping 15.5 hours each week to laundry and dinner preparation? While the exact amount of time reclaimed varies with each unique plan, most of our clients typically regain around 10-25 hours every week! Just imagine the possibilities that open up with that extra time. It's like gaining a whole month of free time each year! So, what will you do with this bonus day, week, or even an entire month each year? Will you use it to supercharge your business and boost your income? Or perhaps you'll savor more quality moments with your family, focus on your well-being and fitness, or even plan extra vacations? We can't wait to see how you'll experience and live the transformation when you delegate those time-consuming tasks that hinder family bonding, self-care, and workplace productivity. Your newfound freedom awaits!
  • Why should I opt for Elevated Lifestyles instead of traditional meal delivery or pick-up services?
    Limitless Options: Unlike services with a limited meal selection, we offer you a world of culinary choices. You can even request your Grandma's beloved signature recipe! The possibilities are endless. Eco-Friendly Approach: Say goodbye to packaging waste. We utilize your own containers, making it not only better for the environment but also more convenient for your family, as you won't need to cook or store meals in plastic. Tailored to Your Tastes: We're all about customization. Whether you prefer specific portions for a picky eater, have nut allergies to consider, need softer options for your toddler, or require purees for your baby, we've got you covered. Kitchen Cleanup Included: Enjoy your meals without the hassle of post-dinner cleanup. We take care of it all. Ingredient Control: You have the freedom to choose the ingredients used in your meals. Opt for freshness and select organic, kosher, or your preferred brand. Transparent Process: You'll have complete transparency as you know exactly where your meals are prepared - the comfort of your own home. Excellent Value: Elevated Lifestyles offers you a superior deal in terms of the quantity and quality of food you receive. Experience a new level of culinary excellence with us.
  • What is the frequency of services?
    How often can you expect our services? Our most preferred choice among clients involves weekly meal preparation and laundry assistance provided by our professional chefs and dedicated home assistants. Many families opt for this plan because they value their privacy, and by choosing our services, they enjoy the efficiency of our experts who can complete a week's worth of tasks in a single day. This way, their homes remain undisturbed throughout the rest of the week. Another common service is professional organization help, which occurs once a week in 4-hour sessions. The best part is that you don't need to be present for these sessions—the magic happens even when you're away! You may wonder, "Can I opt for weekly meal prep assistance if I don't want leftovers?" Absolutely! We cater to several families who share your preference and offer a prep-only meals option. We'll expertly chop, measure, and store various components in separate containers, complete with detailed instructions for easy meal assembly on the day you serve them. Alternatively, you can savor our freezable meals—simply thaw them overnight and then bake or use your Instant Pot or Slow Cooker! For those who wish, there's an option to double your plan. Whether you'd like a chef (minimizing leftovers and ensuring a sparkling kitchen twice a week!) or a home assistant (capable of managing additional laundry loads and even running errands!) to visit twice a week, the choice is yours. What's more, we're excited to introduce our "Share the Lifestyle Package" for friends. When you and a neighbor or a local friend decide to sign up together, you each have the opportunity to book 2 hours of assistance 2 or 3 times a week! This means more frequent tidying, addressing those ever-accumulating dirty dishes, and keeping the mess at bay. Demand for this package has been tremendous, and we're thrilled to be of assistance! Homes can get cluttered swiftly, and this is the perfect solution. If you gather 3 or 4 friends living nearby, you can take advantage of even more assistance from Monday through Friday!
  • What can I expect? What does a plan look like?
    We meticulously craft each service plan to cater to your unique lifestyle, ensuring a sense of relaxation and deeper connections with your loved ones. Here's an illustrative example of what such a plan might entail, but the possibilities are boundless. We'll work together to find the perfect plan for your family: Sample Plan: ✓ Monthly menu planning, meticulously tailored to your precise preferences, and accessible via our app for effortless meal planning. Say goodbye to the "What's for dinner?" dilemma, as it's taken care of once a month! ✓ Four well-balanced dinners each week, designed for six servings, ensuring a week's worth of delightful family dining. Expect portion sizes that truly satisfy, not those leaving you wondering how they'll fill you up. Your meals are prepared and ready to reheat or prepped for quick assembly—your choice, no leftovers for haters! ✓ Two lunch options, intended to last the entire week, thoughtfully stored in individual portions like lunch bags or bento boxes, streamlining your mornings and getting everyone out the door faster. ✓ Simplify your mornings even further with a generous batch of breakfast meals, conveniently reheatable and designed to expedite your morning routine. ✓ Fresh produce is expertly washed and prepped, readily available for salads and wholesome snacking, nudging your family toward healthier eating habits. ✓ A comprehensive kitchen cleanup that includes countertops, stovetop, sink, and floor, leaving your kitchen spotless. ✓ In-person grocery shopping conducted by one of our CHEFs, ensuring suitable replacements for any out-of-stock items. We're meticulous about checking expiration dates, product quality, and labels to safeguard those with allergies or intolerances. ✓ Three loads of laundry, handled with the care and precision you prefer—whether it's the Marie Kondo-style or a more traditional approach—before neatly placing them in their respective dressers or closets. ✓ A full-service approach to your to-do list: general pick-up of toys and putting items where they belong in the home, empty the dishwasher, sweep the floors, break down Amazon boxes for recycling, declutter the fridge and discard expired items, change bed sheets, pack simple kids' lunches for the week, tend to plants, and more.
  • Sounds great, but is it cost effective?
    We all cherish quality family time filled with laughter and the creation of lifelong memories, and we understand that this is truly priceless. We also recognize the importance of maintaining our health through workouts and taking moments for self-care, even though these aspects of life are invaluable. However, the reality is that high prices can often lead to undue stress. Our vision is to alleviate stress, including the financial strain, so that you can experience this priceless lifestyle without financial burden. Our costs are designed to be affordable, making it easier for you to access our services and improve your quality of life. On average, we save you 10-25 hours each week. Consider how many hours your chores consume in your weekly schedule. We're not inquiring about your individual hourly earnings, but we're confident that when you divide our prices by the time you spend on chores each week, the result is lower than your household hourly wage. Many of our clients have shared that it's akin to paying just $20 per hour for every hour they regain in their week. They've revealed that our assistance not only grants them more time for family, self-care, and date nights but also allows them to dedicate more hours to work. In essence, you're saving money by saving time and entrusting us with tasks that would otherwise hinder your ability to spend time with your family, excel at work, and prioritize self-care. To get started, simply fill out our form, and we'll initiate one of our trial periods tailored to address your specific pain points. After your trial, we'll work closely with you to create the ideal plan, customized to your unique needs and those of your family. This plan will enable you to lead a more relaxed lifestyle, fostering stronger family connections, all at a price point that suits your comfort.
  • How do I learn more?
    Just hop on over to Contact Us page, and fill out the form so we can connect with you! We will give you a run down of things and if you are interested in talking further, you can book a chat with Marie to get things rolling!
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