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Our Services

Welcome to Elevated Lifestyle, where your daily chores and to-do lists are our specialty. We understand that your time is precious, and our mission is to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to simplify your routine, enhance your well-being, and provide you with the support you need to achieve an elevated lifestyle. Explore our services below and discover how we can help you regain time, reduce stress, and elevate your everyday living.

Meal Services
  • Customized Meal Planning

  • Dinner Preparation & Storage: fully cooked or prepared for you to throw together in minutes on the day of serving

  • Lunch Preparation & Storage: single serving portions perfect for the office or kids schools

  • Breakfast Preparation & Storage: big batch options making it easier to start your day

  • Snack Assembly: bag up healthy snacks such as trail mix, fruit salad, veggie sticks

  • Grocery Shopping (online or in-store)- checking expiration dates, quality and allergy labels. Chefs know exactly what replacements to make if anything is out of stock, 

  • Thorough kitchen clean up after meal prep

  • Dishwashing: washing, drying, and storing dishes as needed

  • Produce Prep: Wash and Chop produce making healthy snacks a breeze

  • Baby Purees: preparing and storing baby purees

  • Stock/Broth/Gravy/Sauce: Preparing & freezing for future use

  • Condiment Prep: preparing mayo, ketchup and other condiments 

  • Children Meal Prep: fun creative meals for children

  • Freezer Meals: for those extra busy weeks

  • Dessert Preparation: when you feel a little sweet

  • Special Event Prep

Laundry Services
  • Sorting by type, color, person and/or care instructions

  • Wash & Dry loads as requested

  • Folding and Storing laundry items

  • Supply Management: ensuring you have an adequate supply of detergents and other items you use

  • Wardrobe & Dresser Organization: tidying up chaotic clothing storage areas

  • Seasonal and/or Age Clothing Rotation: packing away seasonal clothing when not in use or clothing children have grown out of

  • Beds & Linen Care: changing and maintaining bed linens and towels

  • Hand steaming & Ironing items 

  • Facilitating Dry Cleaning pick up or drop off

Household Task Services
  • Light Housekeeping: vacuum, wipe counters/tables/mirrors, sweep

  • Locate anything out of place and put in appropriate areas: shoes on shoe racks, clothing in drawers or closets or, if dirty, in laundry, toys in bins, coats on coat rack, books on bookshelves, trash thrown away, etc.

  • Tidy up the fridge, wipe shelving inside,  toss any expires goods and food older than a week

  • Straighten up the pantry and toss expired goods

  • Clean coffee machine

  • Run and/or empty the dishwasher & wash dishes in the sink and any dirty dishes found around the home

  • Crush boxes and place in recycle bins

  • Take home inventory

  • Water plants

  • Check bathroom for expired creams, medicines, make-up, etc.

  • Indoor seasonal decorating

  • Gift Wrapping

  • Packing gym or trip bags

Organizational Services
  • Decluttering & determining what to toss, donate or keep with your guidance

  • Creating efficient & effective use of spaces that are aesthetically pleasing

  • Organization of both spaces in the home or files and papers maximizing the functionality of your home and minimizing the chaos​

Errand Services
  • Drop off UPS returns or post office items

  • Make Amazon returns

  • Pick up or drop off dry cleaning

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Pick up prescriptions

  • Donation Drop off

What Our Clients Say

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I was tired of not being able to do the fun stuff with the kids. I started to feel like I couldn't even think cause I was too busy. Things were piling up and it really started to effect my quality of life.

In the past, I hired someone at an hourly rate Monday through Friday that could cook my meals, do my laundry and some other house chores. But I realized since she was paid hourly, most of the time it was like work wasn't being done. Just standing around or scrolling her phone. She was slow and the food was just okay. It helped a little but I was tired of having someone in my home every day, all the time, and paying over $1000 each week for just subpar.

When I signed up for Elevated, I got chef made meals (restaurant quality, and tailored to me! Are you kidding!? I feel so spoiled!) AND a home assistant that was efficient and not dawdling. Now, I feel like I have my home back, my privacy. And I only pay a fraction of what I was before! Paying less per week, getting better quality, more efficient workers and more time home alone with my family? Win win!
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